Lagos / London 2008

Photographers Andrew Esiebo and Nilu Izadi present and talk about their recent work

Wednesday, 8 October 2008 l 3.30pm – 5 pm l RHB 139 (aka the Main Building)

Andrew Esiebo is a photographer working in Ibadan and Lagos, Nigeria, and a member of the Black Box photographers’ collective. His projects and residencies have brought him to London and Paris, where he has an ongoing multimedia project Living Queer African. His photographs have been exhibited, most recently, at the Thought Pyramid Gallery, in Abuja, and in the Tea Pavilion of the Guangzhou Triennial.

Nilu Izadi is a photographer with a fine arts background based in London, and a member of the Photo Debut photographers’ collective. She has travelled extensively to build site-specific camera obscura around the world. These include, in Bassa Blanca, Spain, an army bunker conversion and a tent camera sewn with the members of a refugee camp in the Western Sahara. She has set up pinhole photography workshops for galleries including Serpentine and The Photographers’ Gallery in London.

This event is free and open to the public.

Goldsmiths’ College, Centre for Cultural Studies

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